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New High Quality SHARP EAGLE ZQ-LA-07 16340 Laser Pointer

Recently, a new high quality laser pointer appears on the market, that is SHARP EAGLE ZQ-LA-07 16340 laser pointer. This laser pointer has excellent designs and outstanding performance. Many people are attracted by this laser pointer. To know how excellent and outstanding this laser pointer actually is, you can read the following to find the answer.

SHARP EAGLE ZQ-LA-07 16340 Laser Pointer

This laser pointer is a high quality product of SHARP EAGLE. Made of aluminum alloy and hard anodized shell, this laser pointer is extremely durable and solid for long time use. It is 120mm in length, 23mm in body diameter and 19mm tail diameter, only weighing 55g. Its suitable size and light weight make it portable and easy to carry.

SHARP EAGLE ZQ-LA-07 16340 Laser Pointer-1

The module uses imported laser tube, mechanical components used in all CNC lathes from finishing, exterior styling with advanced computer gongs milling machine. With the use of simple external rotate the focus, accuracy is very high, and it will not appear focusing loose parts. Using 5V boost driver circuit, this laser pointer is 95% conversion efficiency. Applying Pro E / CINEMA 4D 3D design and other top-aided design software, regardless of any occasion, it can show your taste and dignity.

SHARP EAGLE ZQ-LA-07 16340 Laser Pointer-2

If you get it for use, this laser pointer can provide you excellent performance. The beam color of this laser pointer is green, and the wavelength is 532nm. This laser pointer has strong power, instant point matches, up to several kilometers long shots, straight into the sky bottomless. It is super straight, perfect for sales department sales pen, stylus coach, outdoor stylus, and so on. LEDs can also be used to shoot birds.

All in all, this new SHARP EAGLE ZQ-LA-07 16340 laser pointer is an excellent and outstanding equipment, playing various roles in daily life. This laser pointer is absolutely worthwhile and beneficial for you to have.

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