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Mini Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Night Light For Porch Cabinet

PIR motion sensor night light is a very classic, multi-purpose, portable sensor light, featuring high flexibility, energy-saving technology, environmental protection and easy installation. The topic today is about this night light, and the discussion will focus on how this night light actually is. And now, let’ s talk about it together in the following in details.

PIR Motion Sensor Night Light

This night light is 70mm in length and 25mm in height. It has infrared sensor function and light sensor function. As for the infrared sensor function, when there is a person entering the sensing range of this sensor light, the light will turn on automatically, and it can also automatically turn off after a delay of about 30 seconds. As to light sensor function, when the surrounding environment achieving a certain brightness, the sensor light will automatically turn off its sensing capability. At that time, when someone enters the sensing range, the light is no longer illuminated. That’ s really practical and beneficial to use.

PIR Motion Sensor Night Light-1

This PIR motion sensor night light has easy installation. It can be sticked to almost anywhere with adhesive mount provided. Through simple step, you can use this mini wireless night light wherever you want.

PIR Motion Sensor Night Light-2

This mini wireless night light is usually applied on hallway, porch, closet, bags, drawers and others, quite useful and helpful in daily life.

According to the above, it seems that getting mini wireless PIR motion sensor night light for porch cabinet is a good suggestion, as it is really practical and convenient to use.

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