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Mini Portable And Adjustable Magnet Camping Lamp

Today, I am going to introduce you a mini portable night lamp, called magnet camping lamp. This lamp is adjustable and compact, suitable for camping, hiking, hunting, climbing and other outdoor activities.

Magnet Camping Lamp

To know what this useful and multifunctional night lamp is really like clearly, you can read the following.

Magnet Camping Lamp-1

This camping lamp is 107mm in height and 33mm in diameter. It consists of aluminum and ABS, quite durable and practical to use. It has LED, featuring four gears and flash.

Magnet Camping Lamp-2

This magnet camping lamp also obtains micro USB charging port, LED indicator light, on or off switch, and string hole. It is quite clear that this night lamp is delicately designed.

Magnet Camping Lamp-3

Thanks to its delicate designs, this night lamp supports a variety of fixed ways.

Magnet Camping Lamp-4

It can stand on the desktop,able to be used as a candle light.

Magnet Camping Lamp-5

It also has super magnet, capable of being used on many occasions.

If you need a mini portable night lamp, this magnet camping lamp seems to be a good choice. For both indoor and outdoor lighting, this night lamp is really excellent, easy and convenient to use.

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