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Mini LED USB Lamp: Touch Switch LED Light

Today, I’ d like to share a touch switch LED light with you, named mini LED USB lamp. This lamp is extremely compact and practical for illumination, and a lot of customers all over the world have purchasing it for daily use. If you are curious about this ultra-thin and ultra compact touch switch LED light, you can read the following for more detailed information.

Mini LED USB Lamp

Electric current: 200MA
Wattage: 1W
Voltage: 5V
Lumen: 50lm
Color temperature: pure white 5000K, warm white 3200K
Application: standard USB port, such as portable power source, notebook, desktop computer, etc.

Mini USB LED Light

A magical mini LED light
Compact and lightweight, environmentally friendly
Able to put led into a purse, or hang on the keys, very portable

Mini Touch Switch LED Light

Double-sided USB design, the pros and cons able to be lit
Thin liquid crystal display backlight lamp beads
Ultra-bright, but not hurting the eyes

Mini USB Touch Switch LED Lamp

Control switch and stepless dimming
Using the latest fingerprint technology, allowing your fingers to achieve control of LED lighting

By now, you can have a general knowledge of this mini LED USB lamp from the above. It is quite clear that this touch switch LED light is an amazing and fantastic lighting tool, absolutely worth possessing.

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