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Methods Of Installing LED Strip Light

LED strip light is widely used and welcomed by the majority of people. Thanks to its practical and functional use, many people are attracted by it. On the purpose of taking advantages of the light, it is important to know the methods of installing the light. The following will teach you how to install the strip light in different occasions.

5M RGB 3528 LED Strip
5M RGB 3528 LED Strip

At first, let’s talk about indoor installation. At this kind of situation, LED strip is used for interior decoration. As it does not have to withstand the wind and rain, the installation is very simple. Behind each LED strip light, there is double-sided adhesive which can be directly torn to stick on the surface of the article, and then the light need to be installed at a fixed place, pressing it flatly with hand. As for some places with corner or long distance, it is not a trouble as the light is a set of three LEDs series-parallel circuit structure, and each 3 LEDs can be to use alone.

Then, it is the outdoor installation. As the light should withstand the wind blowing through the rain, it is not suitable to use glue fix it as it can cause the LED lights off if used for a long period of time. Therefore, the outdoor installation card slot is often needed. The methods of cutting and connecting are the same with indoor installation, just needing additionally equipped waterproof glue, in order to consolidate the join waterproof effect.

The following is power supply connection. General the voltage of the light is DC 12 v, so that it needs to use the switch power supply. The size of power supply is determined by the power and the connection of length. You can have every LED lights with a power to control. You can also choose to use a larger better switch power supply to take all the LED lights all input power supply in parallel, unified by the main switch power supply.

After that, it is about controller connection. LED entertaining diversions and RGB lights need to use the controller to achieve change effect, and each of the controller control distance is different. In general, control distance of a simple controller is 10 to 15 meters, control distance of remote controller is 15 to 20 meters, and the longest distance is 30 meters. If connection distance is longer, the controller can’ t control strip so long, you will need to use power amplifier for tapping.

Methods of LED strip lights installation have been stated in details in the above. It is hoped that you can make the most of the light based on the above guidance for better performance and excellent function of the strip light.

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