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Many Families Choose GU10 6W LED Spot Light Bulb For Use

According to researches and interviews, the most commonly used LED bulb for family use is the GU10 6W LED spot light bulb. Many families have chosen this bulb for their sweet homes. It is said that there are three factors that make this bulb so famous and popular.

This bulb has high energy efficiency. According to the statistics, it is said that this LED bulb is 80 percent more energy efficient than ordinary bulb, and its power consumption is 57 percent less that that of ordinary bulb. The brightness of a 5W LED bulb is approximately equal to that of 40W incandescent bulb, and the brightness of a 7W LED bulb is equal to that of 50W incandescent bulb. Choosing this bulb for family use can make sure less electricity consumption and less expenditure on electricity bill. It is practical and beneficial to have the bulb.

GU10 6W LED Spot Light Bulb

The light colors of GU10 6W LED spot light bulb are white and warm white, which are soft to the eyes of people. It can not only bring light to the darkness, but also do no harm to the eyes of people, even babies. They can feel comfortable and relaxing at home when using this moderate bulb. This characteristic of it can create a more harmonious atmosphere in family life. It is welcomed by many families due to the benefits.

Besides, it is a common sense that if the voltage of a product is 12V to 24V, a professional LED voltage converter is needed for the normal work of the product. The voltage of this bulb is 85V to 265V, not in that range. Thus, there is no need of a voltage converter, and the bulb can work normally. It is easy to see that the bulb can be used easily and conveniently.

Until now, after knowing the above information about this GU10 6W LED spot light bulb, you can understand why so many families choose this bulb for family use. As this bulb is beneficial and practical for use, it is really worth possessing.

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