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What Makes 5M White 3528 SMD LED Strip Light Welcomed By The Public

5M White 3528 SMD LED strip light has many advantages, such as low price, low power consumption, low maintenance costs, short response time, long life span, as well as no pollution and so on. Due to those advantages of the strip light, the light is very welcomed by consumers.

5M White 3528 SMD LED Strip LightThe strip light can produce bright light with long life span which is more than 50,000 hours. It is quite durable and useful for long time use. As for the control of the strip light, it possesses 44 keys infrared controller which has 6 DIY keys for memorizing the colors you prefer, permitting you to control it easily and conveniently.

The 5M White 3528 SMD LED strip light has bright color with 120 degree view angle. It features free maintenance and easy installation, having self-adhesive back with double side adhesive tape. It is to some extent a flexible ribbon for curving around bends, and every 9 LEDs is curable without damaging the rest strip. You are allowed to use the strip light based on your needs without worrying about the destroy of the whole strip.

The light can be adopted to light up home, such as hallways, stairs, trails ,windows with colorful light. It can also applied to decorate hotels, theaters, clubs, shopping malls, archway, canopy and bridge and so on. It is easy to be seen when it is festivals, parties, performances and events. What’s more, it can be used for security and emergency lighting. It is multifunctional, able to be used widely.

All in all, those above advantages of the 5M White 3528 SMD LED strip light make the flashlight extremely popular and famous, accepted and welcomed by the public. If you are searching for strip light, this light is a good choice for you as it has been recognized by the public.

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