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Lighting for YouTube Videos

With our current generation, YouTube has become the norm. Most You-tubers have transformed their homes or rooms into full-scale shooting studios full of lighting equipment. Lighting can be natural or artificial.

As much as natural light is abundant, cheap, and of high quality, it is simply a limitation during indoor or night time shoots. Also natural light isn’t dependable. Sometimes the weather is just gloomy or even too bright. This is where artificial lighting comes in handy.

Below we discuss some of the best artificial lightings for your blogs and vlogs.

New 18 Inch LED Light Kit

youtube light

The Newer 18 Inch LED Light Kit is a ring light kind of lighting. It is a multi-use tool built for all kinds of shooting environments. As the light comes straight from the camera, it gives the object a nice even wash. The Light Kit has an adjustable mount for cameras and mobile phones. It also has Color filters to experiment with different light temperatures (orange, white), it is Bluetooth enabled, and has a Self-timer which makes it the most preferred for blogs and vlogs. Size: 18″/48cm Outer 55W 5500K making it portable.

The StudioFX 2400 Watt Softbox Lights

youtube light

Softboxes are commonly the cheaper options when related to other artificial lighting sources. There are all kinds of shapes & sizes e.g. rectangular, octagonal, and square. The StudioFX 2400 has been built for multipurpose operation and supports 5 bulbs on each softbox, with an individual on/off control. Two 28 x 20 inch Softbox that includes 10 bulbs. It is ideal for portraits, studio, photography, and video. It is easy to set up and gives you a professional result and a Continuous lighting kit.

The Emart 600W Photography Photo Video Portrait Studio Umbrella 

youtube light

Umbrella lighting is not only portable it is also an affordable lighting source. These lights are great if you just need that extra bit of controlled light for a polished look. It generally consists of three 45W 5500K Bulbs with holding sockets and stands. It comes with one bulb carry case bag and one heavy-duty carry case to store the entire kit, Two 33 inch Black/Silver Reflector Umbrella, and Two 33 inch Translucent White Soft Umbrella

Remember, there are lots of youtube lighting equipment in the market. Research widely on a variety of the product you want. This makes it easy for you to decide while purchasing.

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