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LED516AS Video Camera Light: Good Assistant Of Photographers

LED516AS video camera light is a useful and practical equipment for photographer. This light matters a lot in taking excellent photography. Now, let’ s see what this light is really like and what it can do for photographers.
LED516ASThe video camera light is a new practical fill-in light manufactured by LISHUAI. It is long size designed for larger lighting area. It adopts two groups of LED bulbs 3200k and 5600k, which enables you to get daylight or tungsten as you like for different scenery needs. Equipped with 5200mAh lithium battery inside, the light is suitable for both ordinary fill light and special scenery fill light, like in elevator or car, and so on. This lithium battery can provide full power 60 minutes of work time, and 2.5 hours can finish quick charging.
The LED516AS video camera light is a perfect portable solar LED light source, flexible for use and no lighting or additional device needed. LED series light source is the latest popular trend which has all the advantages of the LED light source. ED array light source is wrapped in a special diffusion panel, to obtain homogeneous soft without the need for extra soft light equipment lighting.
The device is extremely lightweight, obtaining stable color temperature performance, and the effect of energy saving and durable for a long time especially for wedding, fashion and portrait photographer innovation development, and the results are impressive. Besides, it supports any standard outlet. The interface is suitable for all kinds of lighting fixtures, oblique arm, tripod. Single hand can operate it. It is clear that this camera light is really useful and practical for photographers.
All in all, LED516AS video camera light is an excellent equipment for photography. If you are fond of photographing or you have friends who like photographing, this light is a good assistant product for you to have.

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