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Led Strips : The New Lightening

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This is also known as ribbon light that is flexible with an adhesive backing. It is a circuit board that has leds and can be customized. They allow you to install discrete lighting in places that are hard to reach. Led produce light when the N-type and P-type semiconductor cross together and combine to produce photons which in turn generate light. When deciding on what kind of led strips you are going to purchase there are some features to be considered like;
The voltage and wattage the led strip light will use.
Durability. You should check for the strips an Ingress Protection’ rating it helps you know its resistance to elements. The higher the digits it has indicated how it can sustain dust and level of water.
Power. It is essential to know the power supply and length of light needed to maintain the right levels of energy in the led strip light.
Type of color you needed. This is the temperature within led strips that provides warm or cool lighting.
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Examples of areas you can use led strip lightings.
Kitchen area is one of the places you spend most of your time in, they give you the perfect lighting and allow you to be in a safe environment.
A bedroom is a place you need to relax it should give you a sense of calmness. Using led strips lighting in your bedroom can be therapeutic.
Marine lighting, this is when you use led strip to decorate your boat. You can have underwater lights, room lights, accent lighting, RGB rope lighting and lights of the compartment.

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Advantages of Led Strips
Sets the mood. This type of lighting helps regulate mood especially if you are sad. This type of light allows workers to be productive and comfortable if set in the office. It does not only reduce electricity cost but helps boost a feeling of well being in the house.
Eco-friendly. Led lighting does not contain toxic chemicals like other types of lighting. The lights can also be recycled which greatly reduces carbon footprint.
Energy efficient. Traditional lighting uses up a lot of energy and heats up a room. Wasted energy is translated to high expensive electricity bills. 
Flexibility. Led strips can be used anywhere with a wide range of applications. Led lights provide the perfect illumination as per your needs. The strips can be made into any shape.

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