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Led Strip Shadow Girl

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Dear readers, we are not going to share LED’s assessment today, but to share a love story about led strip. Ok, let’s get started.

All she could see was sunset. She never saw the sense in anything anymore, everything was bitter and seemed to prick so hard. When everyone saw her they saw pain and lost esteem. She could not leave the house but wait until its sunset or night to leave the house. As usual, when she reached near the led strip light she took a moment stood there with eyes closed. Maybe she was meditating and rays from the led strip light gave her a sense of a peaceful moment. All this time Nessy felt lonely and rejected, she felt mistreated and unloved because when she took a look at her past all she saw was a soul-crushing future. But that was not all that Jayden saw every time from his window as he could wait patiently and the minute he saw her stand by the led strip light he felt his heartbeat racing.

He felt happy, seeing her shadow for a minute would make his night worthwhile. Something became unusual, a week passed and Jayden would be able to see his led strip shadow girl with a beautiful long blond hair. This got him worried and he took his time to wait by the side of the road next to the led strip light if he could see this anonymous girl that was a symphony to his heart, but this day he was not lucky again this girl never showed up. He never stopped and then one day when Jayden was from the shop at night he saw her standing by the led strip light. He felt goosebumps all over his body and butterflies in his stomach, his hands became cold and sweaty, the minute he shouted, “Hey girl in a blonde hair,” but all that came out was a whisper. He took a deep breath and went for it.
When he approached Nessy she was in her usual mood under the led strip light meditating in her silent moment with eyes closed, Jayden stood silently and made sure he did not interrupt this special moment of the led strip shadow girl. The moment Nessy opened her eyes he saw this man standing in front of her shaking. Jayden smiled but Nessy did not really seem happy. Her expression was full of confusion. “Do you need help?” She asked Jayden but all he did was stare twitched his eye, ” You are beautiful,” with a broad smile on his face. Jayden found the confidence to say a word to the led strip shadow girl. Nessy ran away crying. Jayden did not understand, he ran after her and hugged her tight until she calmed down. When they got into eye contact, “It’s okay, I am Jayden by the way,” “Am Nessy.” He smiled at her and called her “the led strip shadow girl?” They both looked at each other again and smiled. After a while of gazing at each other, they opted to take a walk across the street with the led strip light. That was the beginning of there deep affection, days, months, years passed and now Nessy and Jayden are grandparents and cannot stop narrating their sweet love story to their grandchildren.
The Led Strip, illuminate your beauty

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