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LED Electric Fan Lamp: Funnies Lamp I Have Ever Seen

Recently, I am attracted by LED electric fan lamp, which is the funnies lamp I have ever seen. It is a perfect combination of table light, mini fan and torch light, quite cute and interesting. To know what this lamp is really like, you can read the following.  
LED electric fan lamp Color: green+white, orange+white
Light sources: 24 LEDS and 1 flashlight LED
LED brightness: 1200-1400MCD
Input voltage: 100V-250V
Battery: 4V 2500mAh lead-acid battery
Fan mode: strong / weak / off
Multi-function: table light + mini fan + torch light, 3 in 1 functions
LED electric fan lampHumanized design, portable handle
Upper and lower two stalls, regulating electric fan
LED lamp 180 degrees rotatable
LED electric fan lampLow noise, less than 50 decibels
LED lighting, eye protecting
LED emergency saving lamp, safe and healthy

By now, you can easily see how cute and funny this LED electric fan lamp really is from the above, and you can understand why I am attracted by it clearly. No matter it is for entertainment or illumination, this lamp is undoubtedly a good choice.

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