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LED Cork Bottle Light Transforms Empty Wine Bottle Into Lamp

Today, I’ d like to show you an interesting and funny light, called LED cork bottle light. This light can transform wine bottle into lamp, quite attractive and eye-catching. When having empty wine bottle, you do not need to throw it, and you can transform it into lamp for decoration and illumination. If you are curious about this funny item, you can read the following.  

LED cork bottle light  Item type: night light
Material: PS/cork
Size: 6.1cm*2.9cm
Color: white
Power by: USB charging
LED cork bottle lightSuper bright white LED with cork top
Charging in any USB charger, laptop or other device with USB output
1 hour of charging for 2.5 hours of lighting
LED cork bottle light
Rechargeable light for your empty wine bottles, using different colors/shapes of bottles for different effects
Not throwing out your empties in order to transform your bottles into lamps with this rechargeable light
Used for both indoors and outdoors, perfect as a gift for others or yourself

In short, this LED cork bottle light transforms empty wine butte into lamp, making it great and perfect for decoration and illumination. Getting it for yourself, you will surely never regret.

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