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L701 Digital Timer Switch For LED Strip Lights

L701 digital timer switch is a useful and practical equipment to control on-off by user setting the time, so as to achieve energy saving and efficient, as well as intelligent effects. This switch has been widely used for street lights, advertising lights, neon lights, production equipment, household electrical appliances which need setting an regularly time period. To know more about this intelligent and multifunctional switch, you can read the following.

L701 Digital Timer Switch

This switch is mini in size and light in weight. It is 60mm in length, 60mm in width and 32mm in height, only weighing 40g.

L701 Digital Timer Switch-1

This L701 digital timer switch supports ON/OFF operation, 16 ON and 16 OFF. Its power consumption is 2VA maximum. With LCD display, it can show timing range from 1min to 168h.

L701 Digital Timer Switch-2

This switch is easy to operate. In the following, here is the operating instruction.
1. To start switch: press reset Key. At the first time, if you want to the present time, please press “Clock” on board, then press D+, H+, M+ to adjust the number to the present time.
2.Enter into programming as bellows:

L701 Digital Timer Switch-3

It is reminded that time setting should be based on the time sequence and it could not be set crossly. System with quit automatically if there is no operating within 10 seconds and no data is saved. Moreover, function 3, 4, 5 can not be used simultaneously.

By now, you can have a clear mind of this L701 digital timer switch from the above. It is no doubt that for time setting of LED strip lights, this easy-to-use timer switch is absolutely the best option.

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