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Is 10W Warm White Outdoor Flood Lamp Worth Possessing

Today, I will introduce you a useful and practical flood lamp, that is 10W warm white outdoor flood lamp. This flood light is well designed to ensure excellent performance. To know whether this flood lamp is worth possessing, you can continue reading, and the following will show you the details.

This flood lamp has smart motion sensor to detect any movement 10 meters and switch on automatically. The sensor has adjustable detective angle, quite useful and functional for lighting. It obtains aluminum housing, and it is waterproof IP65, making it fairly practical and durable for practical use. As it is waterproof, this flood light can still function well in rainy or snowy days, perfect and ideal or outdoor lighting.
10W warm white outdoor flood lamp
Applying LED, this 10W warm white outdoor flood lamp has super long life span, which is more than 50,000 hours. This flood lamp is energy saving, costing low power consumption. Usually, a 50W LED flood is equal to a 400 to 500W halogen bulb, saving up to 80 percent electricity bill. It is no doubt that using this flood lamp for lighting is economical and beneficial.
10W warm white outdoor flood lamp
This flood lamp is adjustable. Its sensitivity ranges from 0 to 12 meters, and its lighting time from 5sec. to 8 minutes. This flood lamp is easy to install, as it comes with steel stand for installation. After easy installation, you can make full use of this flood lamp for illumination.

From the above, you can see what this 10W warm white outdoor flood lamp is really like and what it is capable of in details. It is easy to see based on the above information that this flood lamp is really excellent and amazing in lighting. If you need a flood lamp, this one is absolutely a worthwhile and practical flood lamp for you to have.

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