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Innovative lighting decor items for the festive season


With Christmas and Thanksgiving due in a few weeks, most families are likely to have friends and relatives visiting for parties and dinner. Festivals have always been associated with bright lighting and firecrackers, so families are looking for innovative lighting options to decorate their home, make it look brighter during the day and night. Some of the more exciting and interesting lighting items available online are the waterproof led lamp, table lamp touch, light usb cable, which will greatly enhance the beauty of the area where they are placed.

waterproof led lamp

Waterproof submersible LED lamp

Often families are looking for a waterproof led lamp which can be used outdoors, to light up their garden which will not be affected by water and snow. The LED waterproof submersible lamp with remote control has been specifically designed for those wish to decorate their outdoors and indoors. The waterproof led lamp has ten super bright LEDs and can be switched on and off manually and remotely, allowing it to be placed in locations which are not easily accessible. They can be used for lighting up water bowls, aquariums, vases or any water filled containers, and used for event decoration. There is a safe alternative to candles as there is no flame which can cause a fire.

waterproof led lamp

Sydney Opera House shaped multi-colored touch table lamp

Another unique lighting product is the Sydney Opera house shaped LED table lamp touch which can be powered by a USB cable or three AAA batteries. The color of the LEDs in the lamp can be changed and the seven color options available are Red, Blue, Green, Cyan, Purple, yellow and white. Though it is a flat lamp, it is designed to appear as a 3D bulb by creating an optical illusion. The lamp has automatic color changing mode, and color can be changed by touching the lamp. This table lamp touch is made of high-quality ABS, which is durable and can also be remotely operated. This light is highly recommended for parties, holiday events, nightlight and bedside light.

waterproof led lamp

LED Light USB cable

The 30cm LED strip powered by a 5V USB cable is ideal for applications where a power supply is not easily available. The LED strip has 3528 super bright LEDs, is flexible and can be easily fixed on any wall or other surface using the double adhesive tape on the back of the LED strip. This LED strip light usb cable can be easily connected to the USB port of a computer, laptop or other electronic devices. This soft lighting from this LED strip is ideal for parties, get-togethers, for reading at night, The LED lighting strip is waterproof and can be also used outdoors and is available in five colors red, pure white, green, blue, cool white.

waterproof led lamp

So the waterproof led lamp, waterproof lamp, touch table lamp, usb powered lighting strip light usb cable are a quick and cost-effective way to give any home, a festive look during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.

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