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How to Set up Yeelight Bulb and Yeelight Lights Strips

We are living in an era where home automation is gaining popularity with every electrical gadget manufacturer looking for ways to improve consumer experience. This technology has been highly welcomed by home lighting manufacturers where light bulbs and strips can be operated remotely without making physical or manual operation. From lighting a bulb to changing colors is possible using your smartphone or even your voice at the comfort of your sofa which is very stylish. Yeelight is a leading smart lighting brand that offers style and affordability with improved industrial design and lighting experience. If you planning on replacing your normal conventional bulb with Yeelight bulb and have no idea on how to go about it, the following is a detailed guide to a successful set up.


The process of installing Yeelight bulb and Yeelight light strips is not as techy as it sounds which means you don’t need any electrician to set up. Plug in your Yeelight bulb to a source of power to start the setup. The first thing you need to do is to download the Yeelight app on your Android/iOS device from play store or App store. Once you have downloaded the app, turn on Bluetooth on your device. Open the Yeelight App, sign in to your account and click on ‘‘Device’’ icon to add a new device by clicking ‘‘+’’ on the upper right.

The next step is to add a network. Select the 2.4g Wi-Fi network to be connected with and enter the password in the App. On your device, go to Wi-Fi setting and select the Wi-Fi name with ‘‘Yeelink-light-xxx’’ and connect it with your phone. Go back to Yeelink App after connecting successfully and explore what you can do with it. You have an option of renaming the bulb as per your wish. For faster connection and Google home option, you can turn on LAN control. You can add up to ten Yeelight bulbs to your device and enjoy initiating different commands to multiple bulbs from your phone.

To set up Yeelight light strips, first remove the adhesive strip from the back and stick your strip at the place of your choice. Once you are done placing your strip, plug in the power adapter to a plug and turn it on. The rest of the set up process remains the same as connecting a Yeelight bulb. From Yeelight App you can enjoy infinite possibilities once you are connected.

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