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How Is Wireless Ultra Bright Spotlight

When wandering on the market, I find a super bright light, named wireless ultra bright spotlight. This spotlight seems to be popular, and it attracts many people’ s attention, including mine. If you are curious about this spotlight and desiring to know how it actually is, you can continue reading to find the answer.

Wireless Ultra Bright Spotlight

This spotlight is made of ABS and PC, quite durable and practical for long time use. It is 100mm in length, 134mm in width and 50mm in height. With poly-crystalline silicon solar panel, this spotlight is much energy saving and green environmental friendly for use.

Wireless Ultra Bright Spotlight-1

This wireless ultra bright spotlight has 16pcs LED, and it can emit minimum 320lm. Using LED, this spotlight is energy saving, having long service life. This spotlight can eliminate darkness and contribute to a safer environment.

Wireless Ultra Bright Spotlight-2

With auto switch and motion sensor, this spotlight is convenience and easy to use. As for sensing distance, it is about 3 to 5m.

Wireless Ultra Bright Spotlight-3

The light will completely go out when people leave. But it still has dim light when people leave. It is obvious that this spotlight is suitable for the courtyard, municipal construction, park, villa, residential area, indoor, and etc.

It is easy to conclude from the above that this wireless ultra bright spotlight is a practical and convenient lighting tool for both indoors and outdoors. Getting it for illumination, you will definitely feel no regret.

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