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High Quality VL-C3C2US-81 Livolo Power Socket With High Security

Today, I’ d like to show you the high quality VL-C3C2US-81 Livolo power socket, which is my favorite on my house. I like it so much only because of its high quality, but also because of its high security, both of which make it perfect and great for practical use. If you are curious about it, you can continue reading, and the following will explain to you in details.

VL-C3C2US-81 Livolo Power Socket

This socket is a product of the famous brand Livolo, in the model number of VL-C3C2US-81. It is 118mm in length, 72mm in width and 28mm in height. It is a US standard double socket, made of crystal glass panel, fire retardant PC material, to ensure higher security.

VL-C3C2US-81 Livolo Power Socket-1

This VL-C3C2US-81 Livolo power socket has good conductivity and high safety. Its voltage is AC125 to 230V, and its maximum current is 15A. The operating environment is -30~70 centigrade, less than 95RH. The self consuming power is less than 0.1mW.

VL-C3C2US-81 Livolo Power Socket-2

Featuring anti-oxidation, this socket is more durable, easy to clean. Scratch-resistant protective film can prevent scratches and other transportation damage.

It is obvious that this VL-C3C2US-81 Livolo power socket has high quality with high safety, ideal and perfect for every day use. I am glad that I have owned it, and it has turned to be great and excellent. If you need power socket, this one is highly recommended to you.

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