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High-quality night light, programmable light from xiaomi


Switching a bulb on and off can be very tedious, especially at night when visibility is low, as the person has to find the location of the switch in the dark. So many people are looking for programmable or automatic lights which can be easily controlled using software or a sensor. The smart light will be selected depending on the budget and whether the user is having a WiFi network for controlling the lighting. Some of the programmable or automatic lights available in the market are the xiaomi night light and xiaomi yeelight bulb which use sensors and software for automatic switching on and off, and also for varying the color of the lighting.


Xiaomi night light

The xiaomi mijia night light has an infrared sensor to detect motion of the human body and get automatically switch on at night. To save energy, the xiaomi night light will also switch off during daytime as the night light has a light sensor, and also within 15 seconds after the human being has left the area. The battery operated light using three AA type batteries is easy to use and install, is suitable for all rooms of the house including bedroom, living room, and dining room. The night light consumes only 0.25 W of power, has a sensor angle of 120 degrees and a range of 5 to 7 meters. The light is dimmable and operates at a room temperature of – 10 to 40-degree.

xiaomi yeelight bulb

Xiaomi yeelight bulb

The xiaomi yeelight bulb is a programmable smart LED bulb whose color can be varied in as many as 16 million colors. The bulb operates with Google Home, Amazon Alexa Mijia. The device has a fixture which allows it to be connected to and controlled by both Android and ios devices, Ios 6 and Android 2.33 version or later using a wifi connection, so no wiring is required. Up to 50 bulbs can be connected to the app at a time, and their color can be adjusted as required. The bulbs can also be combined into groups, with a maximum of 15 bulbs in a group, with each group being controlled by the app simultaneously.

xiaomi yeelight bulb

The xiaomi yeelight will fit an E27 connector, and is designed for a power supply of 220W. The bulb is dimmable, has a beam angle of 180 degrees and a power consumption of 9W. The bulb complies with CE and RoHS quality standards and the color temperature varies from 1700 to 6500K. The xiaomi yeelight bulb can be used as alarm to wake up early in the morning at a specific time. It can also be used for party decor as it comes with more than 20 color modes which are preprogrammed into the app used for controlling the colors of the bulbs, to create a festive atmosphere.

xiaomi yeelight bulb

So the xiaomi night light is designed for automatic operation and does not require software, while the xiaomi yeelight lights is a more sophisticated programmable bulb, whose color and operation can be varied as required using the software.


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