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Headlights: Illuminating Your Way Ahead

Car headlights consist of three main technologies. The old halogen bulb method and the two high-tech high-intensity Discharge (HID) and light-emitting diode (LED) headlights. Undoubtedly, the new technologies emit brighter and whiter light than the halogen bulb. 
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety concludes HIDs and LEDs produce better illumination than the halogen bulb, Moreover, projector lenses do better than reflector designs. Contrarily, Consumer Reports test findings reveal that halogen headlight bulbs produce better forward-seeing lights. These new technologies surely do have brighter lights and illuminate the sides more. They have found a great variety in the performance of each type. 

Universal Night Eye COB LED Headlight Bulbs
The most popular bulbs in the market are the Universal Night Eye bulbs. These are economical and give a great performance. It is easy to install and replace. The Night-Eye headlight bulbs come in several variations depending upon the car requirements.
This pair uses the COB LED chip as its light source. It gives a bright white light with a Lumen of 9000LM/set. It uses 72W of power. It also has a waterproof rating of IP68.
These bulbs are easy to install. They are economical with respect to some other LED headlights. Furthermore, like most headlight bulbs these are waterproof. IP86 means that they can withstand dust, sand and dirt. They can also remain submerged for 30 minutes without losing performance.
Forward visibility is very far. The bright lights sometimes bother other drivers and blind their vision risking accidents.

Golden H4 Car Fog Headlight Bulbs
This small halogen bulb is power packed to glow in foggy conditions. 
This single piece uses halogen bulbs with a golden light emitting 1000 lumens. It uses 100W as opposed to the more commonly found 55/60W bulbs.
It has a deep penetrating light that can be seen in fog. The bulbs can be easily replaced if damaged. These two are waterproof. They are long-lasting and durable. These very bulbs can also be used in front headlights to give a yellow light.

The new HID/xenon and LED lights shine brighter and have a white color. They cast more light onto the sides than a halogen bulb. However, the halogen bulb continues to shine further ahead with its golden yellow glow. LED and HID are considered stylish and are mostly featured in the new cars. Halogen bulbs are now thought of as old school. Despite that car maker that target the upper end of the market use halogen bulbs to give their cars a classy, old-fashioned look. So, choose the bulb that appeals to you.

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