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Guidances For Using G4 6W LED Bulb

It is known to us that the G4 6W LED bulb is a practical and functional bulb for family use. The bulb is energy-saving and environment-protecting, capable of bringing a lot of benefits to people. The bulb is widely used for illumination with low power consumption, causing no harm to the protection of environment and the health of people. However, in order to enjoy the benefits to the largest extent, there are some guidances that you must keep in mind.
G4 6W LED Bulb
According to statistics, it has shown that if the voltage of the product is 12V to 24V, you must prepare yourself with a professional LED voltage converter for the normal work of the bulb. As the voltage of the G4 bulb is 12V, the professional LED voltage converter is needed for the normal operation of the bulb. Otherwise, the bulb can not work and function well. Therefore, you should not forget this converter when using the G4 6W LED bulb.

On the other hand, you are required to check the specifications of the product carefully before ordering to ensure a proper fit. This note should be keep in mind in order to make full use the bulb. Except that, it is forbidden to disassemble any bulb by yourself in case of great damages. You must be sure to cut the power off before beginning installation to avoid personal injury. Only by obeying those above guidances, you can make the most of the bulb and enjoy the benefits the bulb can bring to you comfortably and safely. Those guidances are definitely practical and useful for use.

So far, you can have a clear mind of the guidances for using the G4 6W LED bulb. It is hoped that this article can do you a favor, and you can enjoy the benefits the practical and functional bulb can bring to you.

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