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Great Lighting Of Pure White PIR Flood Light

Pure white PIR flood light is an excellent and practical light tool, possessing great lighting performance. The topic today is about this flood light, and the following will show you how excellent it really is and how great it can perform.

This flood light consists of aluminum housing, and it is waterproof in accordance with IP65. It is easy to see that this flood light can be used widely and broadly, both indoor and outdoors. This flood light has low power consumption, and usually a 50W LED flood is equal to a 400 to 500W halogen bulb, saving up to 80 percent electricity bill. It also has super long life span. Compared with conventional lamp like halogen or HPS life span of 8000 house, the flood light can last more than 50,000 hours.
Pure white PIR flood light
This pure white PIR flood light has an integrated PIR motion sensor to detect movement which will automatically switch the light on. The sensor is fully adjustable via 3 dials at the bottom, and the smart motion sensor can detect any movement 10 meters and switch on automatically. This flood light is adjustable in sensitivity from 0 to 12M, lighting time from 5seconds to 8 minutes, and lux environment from night to day light, quite practical and useful.
Pure white PIR flood light
Moreover, this flood light has easy installation. Coming with steel stand for installation, the sensor is rotational to adjust detective angle. This flood light is really practical and convenient for illumination.
Pure white PIR flood light
So far, you can have a clear mind of this pure white PIR flood light from the above. It is quite clear that this flood light is great and perfect in lighting, and its performance  is really remarkable and attractive. If you are choose flood light for yourself, this one is absolutely a good choice for you to have.

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