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Great Benefits And Convenience Livolo Touch Panel Switch Can Bring To You

Today, I’d like to show you an advanced and intelligent touch switch, that is Livolo touch panel switch. This switch is quite useful, helpful and convenient for daily use, able to bring you great benefits and convenience if you get it for yourself. To know more details about this intelligent switch, you can read the following.

This Livolo switch is multi-functional, capable of dimmer control, remote control and touch control. Adopting IC intelligent chip, this switch is more sensitive on touch control. The panel plate is crystal glass, and it can be operated with wet hand. By using high quality flame retardant PC bottom case, this switch can be used for a super long time. After power sudden cut and contingency, the switch will keep off when power on. It is quite clear that this switch is well designed.
Livolo touch panel switch
The Livolo touch panel switch is easy to install, requiring same wiring as traditional switch, without extra wiring and battery, and it can replace the traditional switch directly. The size of the installing screw hole is 83mm, and the dimension of mounting box is at least 110 x 60 x 50 mm. During installing, the electric power should be off, and wiring must be done according to the wiring diagrams.
Livolo touch panel switch
When using it, you should pay attention to that each load capacity is minimum 15W and maximum 1000W. If your lamps power are lower than 15W, you should use a lighting adapter. The remote controller is not included. If you need a remote controller, you can buy it for yourself.

After knowing the above information, you can understand how useful, practical and convenient this Livolo touch panel switch actually is clearly. Getting this advanced and intelligent touch switch for practical use, you can enjoy the great benefits and convenience it can bring to you.

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