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Getting Cute And Novel Boon Glo Night Light For Your Bedroom

Boon Glo night light is a cute and novel night light, popularly welcomed by many people all around the world. This night light has already gained good sales and good reputation after promoted. It is a good option for you to have for bedroom lighting. And now, let’ s see more details about this night light.

This night light is economical and beneficial for use. It is an approximately 1W LED light, consisting of high quality BPA, phthalate, and PVC-free which are non hazardous. It does no harm to your health if you apply it in your bedroom.
Boon Glo night light
This Boon Glo night light is also cute, funny and interesting to use. It has cute, removable illuminated Glo balls that stay glowing after removed from the base. The white base is equipped with three pedestals to hold the Glo balls which you can remove from the lamp body. The Glo balls of this night light have no electronic contents which are perfectly safe for you to touch and hold on till asleep. There is nothing electronic in them, and they are not neither fragile or warm to the touch. You can choose your favorite color by moving the sliding lever on the base, or keep color circulating all night. You can play a nighttime game wit this night light.
Boon Glo night light
Moreover, this night light is functional and practical. The Glo balls of this night light will continuing glowing for up to 30 minutes when removed from the pedestals. After approximately half an hour, the Glo balls are gently fade to dark. It is fairly convenient for bedroom lighting.
Boon Glo night light
It is no doubt from the above that this Boon Glo night light is the ideal and perfect night light for bedroom lighting. Getting it for your bedroom is definitely a good and right decision.

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