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Flexible Portable LED USB Light For PC Laptop Power Bank

Today, I am going to introduce you a flexible and practical LED USB light for PC, laptop and power band, that is portable LED USB light. Connected to PC, laptop or power bank through USB, this light can provide you better lighting condition. Thus, this LED light is popularly welcomed by people who often uses computers. And now, let’ s talk about this LED USB light together in the following in details.

Portable LED USB Light

Size: 168*18*10mm
Material: silicone
Body color: white, blue, orange, rose pink, green
Rated voltage: 5V
Rated power: 1.2W
Light color: white

Portable USB Light

A cool little lamp to attach to your laptop or USB port
Soft shade, avoiding the direct LED light shining, more effective protection of eyesight
Unique bendable design
Flexible body, suitable for all occasions

Portable USB LED Light

Ultra bright with low power consumption
Compatible with power bank, connecting to any PC USB port
Perfect for reading, working, traveling and much more
Used on both desk and bedside table, very convenient

In short, this flexible and portable LED USB light is a suitable and excellent lighting tool for PC, laptop and others. Getting this light for yourself, you can enjoy better lighting while reading, surfing, working and so on. This light is undoubtedly a worthwhile item for you to possess.

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