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FENIX HP40H CREE LED Headlamp: Dual Color Beam Hunting Headlamp

Recently, I find an interesting and practical lighting tool when wandering on the market, named FENIX HP40H CREE LED headlamp. This headlamp is a dual color beam hunting headlamp, featuring amazing and fantastic lighting effects.


To know how amazing and fantastic this headlamp actually is, you can read the following detailed information about it.


Army green faceplate

FENIX HP40H Headlamp

This headlamp has applied army green faceplate, easily to blend in wooded, brushy or grassy areas, ideal and perfect for hunting.


Rugged aluminum chassis

FENIX HP40H LED Headlamp

This headlamp has rugged aluminum chassis to shed heat and impact.


Separate 4*AA battery case


With separate 4*AA battery case, it can provide a perfect fore-aft balance.


60-degree tilt mechanism

FENIX HP40H Headlight

With 60-degree tilt mechanism, this FENIX HP40H CREE LED headlamp is easy to adjust the beam wherever needed.


150-lumen red light

FENIX HP40H Red Light

Adopting CREE XP-E2 LED and deep smooth reflector, this headlamp can emit 150-lumen red light with 105-meter extended reach, preserving night vision without spooking animals while hunting at night.


450-lumen white light

FENIX HP40H White Light

Using CREE XP-G2 LED and orange-peel reflector, this HP40H can produce 450-lumen white light with flood beam to satisfy the lighting demands before or after hunting.


Individual control system

FENIX HP40H Individual Control

This Fenix headlight features individual control system, allowing you to control the red light and white light separately.


IPX-6 water resistant rating

FENIX HP40H IPX-6 Water-resistance

This headlight also features IPX-6 water resistant rating, able to protect itself against heavy splash and rain.


It is no doubt from the above that this FENIX HP40H CREE LED headlamp is really an interesting and excellent lighting tool for hunting, camping or hiking. If you are fond of outdoor activities, this dual color beam hunting headlamp is absolutely a good lighting tool for you to have.

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