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Features And Notices Of R7S LED Light Bulb

R7S LED light bulb is one of the most famous and popular type of bulb. Many people have applied it in wide and broad fields. The passage will introduce you the features and notices of this bulb to enrich you the knowledge of this bulb.


R7S LED Light Bulb
R7S LED Light Bulb

The bulb can produce high brightness light, ideal for flood light. It can be used as architectural decorative light, garden light, and hight building decorating light, archway, canopy and bridge edge light, amusement park, theater and aircraft cabin mood light and so on. It is obvious that the bulb has been used widely and broadly.
The most outstanding and remarkable features of R7S LED light bulb are energy saving and environmentally friendly. It has low power consumption and low heat, saving a lot of energy for you. The bulb has no mercury, UV or IR radiation, causing no harm to the environment and your health. These features of the bulb make it extremely popular and welcome.

There are several notices you should pay attention to. Firstly, you should confirm the voltage first. If the voltage of a product is 12V-24V, then you must use a professional LED voltage converter. As the voltage of the bulb is not in that range, the LED voltage converter is not needed. Secondly, you should check the specifications of the product carefully before ordering to ensure a proper fit. Thirdly, you should make sure that the power is cut off before beginning installation to avoid personal injury. These notices are useful and helpful in utilizing the bulb.
Until now, you can have a general knowledge of the R7S LED light bulb. It is clear to see that the bulb is really functional and practical for use. It is no wonder that the bulb is so famous and popular, accepted and welcomed by so many people.

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  1. The design of the bulb attracts me a lot. I have bought it for my house. Wish the function of the bulb can also impress me.

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