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EXC E-light LED Smart Bulb With Clip-on Lamp Holder

Nowadays, smart bulb becomes more and more convenient to use, and the representative is EXC E-light LED smart bulb, which is equipped with clip-on lamp holder, far more convenient and practical to use in daily life. The topic today is about this easy-to-use smart bulb, and the discussion will focus on its unique design, Bluetooth connection, APP control and built-in battery.

EXC E-light LED Smart Bulb

And now, let’ s talk about it in the following in details.

EXC E-light LED Smart Bulb-1

This LED smart bulb has E27 socket, certified by CE, UL and RoHS. It features 16 million colors, extremely colorful and attractive.

EXC E-light LED Smart Bulb-2

The aluminum hose of this EXC E-light LED smart bulb can be random bending, suitable for any angle lighting. With clip-on lamp holder, it is more convenient to use. Its cable length is 1.7m, long enough for convenient charging.

EXC E-light LED Smart Bulb-3

This LED smart bulb features Bluetooth 4.0. With ultra-sensitive Bluetooth 4.0 connection, you do not need to purchase a bridge or router. This bulb is also a smart call reminder, and the smart bulb will automatically change color when someone gives you a call.

EXC E-light LED Smart Bulb-4

This smart bulb supports two control methods, namely APP control and button control. With built-in 2000mHA lithium battery, this bulb can used for home, emergency or outdoor lighting more than 12 hours at low brightness.

After discussion, it is easy to conclude that this EXC E-light LED smart bulb is advanced, colorful and intelligent to use. With clip-on lamp holder, no matter it is indoors or outdoors, this smart bulb can be applied for practical uses.

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