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EXC E-light LED Smart Bulb: Wireless Bluetooth APP Control Light

Today, I’ d like to show you a wireless Bluetooth APP control light, called EXC E-light LED smart bulb. This smart bulb has many outstanding features, making it extremely amazing and fantastic in lighting. With this smart bulb, through simple operation, you can create a comfortable and romantic atmosphere.

EXC E-light LED smart bulbAnd now, let’ s talk about its outstanding features together in the following in details.

Bluetooth 4.0 connection

E-light smart bulbThis smart bulb features Bluetooth 4.0 connection. With ultra-sensitive Bluetooth 4.0 connection, there is no need for you to purchase bridge or router.

Two control methods

EXC E-light LED bulbThis smart bulb has two control methods, that is button control and APP control. You can choose the way you like or prefer since there are options for you to have.

16 million colors

EXC E-lightThis smart E-light is extremely well known for its 16 million colors. It obtains built-in 15 pieces of super bright LED lamp beads and 5 pieces of high efficiency RGB beads, and it has low consumption and environmental-friendly features, suitable for all occasions.

A variety of charging ways

EXC E-light bulbThis smart bulb has a variety of charging ways, such as E27 socket charging, mini USB direct charging and rechargeable base charging, making charging more convenient and easier.

Built-in 2000mAh lithium battery

EXC smart bulbWith built-in 2000mAh lithium battery, this smart bulb can light up more than 12 hours at low brightness. You can apply it for home lighting, emergency and outdoor illumination.

Thanks to the above features, this EXC E-light LED smart bulb is really amazing and fantastic in lighting. If you are searching for smart bulb, this wireless Bluetooth APP control light is definitely your top choice.

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