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E27 Colorful Rotating Party Light For Stage Disco

Today, I am going to share a stage disco light with you, called E27 colorful rotating party light. This light is delicately designed, featuring fascinating lighting and auto rotating. It gains orders as soon as it is released. If you are curious about this delicate and popular light, you can read the following for more details.

E27 Colorful Rotating Party Light

This delicate light is 147MM in length and 49MM in diameter, only weighing 123g. The lamp base of this light is E27. Its wattage is 3W, and its power supply input is 85V to 260V.

E27 Colorful Rotating Party Light-1

This E27 colorful rotating party light is made of PC lampshade, flame retardant shell, ventilation holes and rotation axis, featuring high impact and shock resistance, quite practical and durable for use. Utilizing 3pcs 1W LED, this light is energy saving with low consumption and long life span. Its life span can reach up to 20000 hours.. This light is environment friendly with no UV rays, harmless and perfect for illumination.

E27 Colorful Rotating Party Light-2

This stage disco light can provide you colorful light with auto rotation. It can rotate automatically, having the stage lighting effect, and it can be used for disco, ballroom, KTV, bar, stage, club, party and so on.

In a word, for stage disco lighting, this E27 colorful rotating party light is undoubtedly the best choice. Applying this delicate and popular light for practical use, you can surely have a great fun.

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