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Discover the New Xiaomi Aqara Smart LED Light Bulb

IntroductionSmart LED bulb
This Aqara LED bulb (dimming version) is the first smart bulb to appear under the Aqara brand. The smart LED bulb is a bulb that can adjust the brightness and color temperature freely. It has built-in Zigbee wireless communication module. After binding the gateway device, it can flexibly realize remote control, time switch, and multi-device control. The small body exudes a lot of energy. Suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, bars, hotels, gardens, etc.
For stable and reliable network connections, most Aqara products connect using the Zigbee protocol. The Zigbee protocol avoids the potential issue of a congested Wi-Fi network and can still be controlled when the network is unstable. Aqara bulbs, along with most of their other products, also need the Aqara Hub to work, especially if you want HomeKit compatibility.


The Xiaomi smart LED light bulb with Model number ZMLDP12LM E27, has a dimension of 60×120 mm, Power of 9W, luminous flux of 806lm, input voltage of 220-240V~50/60Hz, color temperature of 2700~6500k, lighting fixture of E27, Power factor of 0.7 and a lifespan of 25000 hours.
Package Contents
1 x Smart Bulb, 1 x English Manual

strong light transmission
Safe and energy-saving
Simple bulb design
Wide range of application
Voice command feature
Ease of use
Wireless connection


Occasional Software Malfunction

Smart bulb


The cost-quality ratio of this smart bulb is commendable. It is real value of money in terms of light transmission. If you are still hesitating to start a smart home product, it is better to start with Aqara LED bulbs and get wowed.

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