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Choosing The Perfect Headlight Bulbs For Tesla, Lincoln and Jeep

There are a lot of differences between Tesla, Lincoln and Jeep, both as manufacturers, and more importantly, how each of their parts perform. While all are known to be high-quality, there’s still a big difference between what constitutes high-quality enough for each. And that’s especially the case with headlight bulbs. After all, with Autumn fast approaching, your headlight bulbs could be a lifesaver.

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But what kind of differences are there between Tesla, Lincoln and Jeep headlight bulbs? Well, one major difference is that Tesla’s headlight bulbs are normally low beam, and each model comes with these are standard; this is because Tesla is well known for being as energy efficient as possible, even when it comes to headlight bulbs. However, that means that there will be less visibility because of your headlight bulbs than you’d get with either Lincoln or Jeep.
This leads us to one of the core differences between the types of different headlight bulbs, no matter which manufacturer you choose. This is the question of LEDs versus Xenons; essentially, it boils down to energy efficiency. LED headlight bulbs are normally vastly more energy efficient than typical Xenons. Because of that, Tesla typically keeps to LEDs, while the likes of Jeep stick to Xenons and with Lincoln, it’s normally down to the specific model.
That’s not to say that Tesla, Jeep and Lincoln stick to that rule, however; it’s not unknown to have a Jeep with LED headlight bulbs, for example. That being said, though, it is very rare for a standard Tesla to have a Xenon headlight bulb straight out of the garage. In the vast majority of cases, they’re going to be LED headlight bulbs.

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Because of that, we can typically describe the differences between Tesla, Jeep and Lincoln headlight bulbs by comparing the differences between these two type of headlight bulbs. Typically, Xenon’s are brighter, give better visibility and provide more than enough light to ensure the path is well lit. On the flip side of that, LED headlight bulbs offer a lower level of light, and show just enough of the road in order for you to not crash. Due to this lower power usage, LEDs normally last a lot longer than Xenons and use up a lot less electricity.
However, they do have their drawbacks in terms of visibility. The sole function of headlight bulbs is to light up the road in front of you, and behind you. While LEDs do that, they do it to a much lesser extent than Xenons. Because of that, Jeep and Lincoln headlight bulbs normally provide a lot more light than Tesla, but at more of a cost to your car.
Because of their overall track record, LEDs are definitely the way forward in terms of which headlight bulbs to choose, given all of the information provided above. And what better ones to choose than the Universal Pair Nighteye COB LED Car Headlights 9005 9006 H4 H7 H11 Bulbs Lamps 72W 9000LM 6500K? With minimal electrical usage from your car – whether it’s a Jeep, Lincoln or a Tesla – and with an optimal amount of road light, what’s not to love?

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