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How To Control And Operate The E27 RGB LED Ball Bulbs

E27 RGB LED ball bulbs are lights with various colors, capable of making your life colorful and beautiful. There are 16 colors available for you. With a variety of colors, you can live in a colorful and abundant life with these bulbs, creating a exciting and fascinating atmosphere. In order to make full use of the flashlight, it is essential and important to know how to control and operate the bulbs.

E27 RGB LED Ball BulbsAs the bulbs has remote controller, it is not difficult to control and operate the flashlight. Remote controller can be used to turn on and turn off light, as well as adjust the colors and brightness of the light. By pressing the button of up, you can increase the brightness of the light, and long pressing it for fast flashing. You can also decrease the brightness of the light by pressing the button of down, and long pressing for slow flashing. The R, G, B, W button stand for the color change of red, green, blue, white separately. You can adjust the light color by pressing these buttons.

As for the flash mode of the E27 RGB LED ball bulbs, it changes the light colors with fast skip automatically. If it is in strobe mode, it can change the light colors with slow skip automatically. While in fade mode, it changes colors of light with fast shade, and in smooth mode, it changes colors with slow shade. In terms of other no letter buttons, it is designed for color mix.

So far, the above has illustrated how to control and operate the E27 RGB LED ball bulbs clearly. It is easy to see from the above that the control and operation of the bulbs is not complex and difficult. If you have possessed the bulbs, you can make full control of the bulbs to enjoy the beautiful and colorful life the bulbs can bring to you.

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