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Comparison Between Energy-saving LED Bulb And Ordinary Light bulb

The comparison between energy-saving LED bulb and ordinary light bulb lies in three aspects, that is energy-saving comparison, health comparison, life comparison. The following will show you those three aspects in details to enable you to see the advantages and disadvantages of the two bulb.
Energy Saving Corn Light Bulb
Firstly, it is the energy-saving comparison. In general, under the condition of the same wattage, the LED bulb is 80 percent more energy efficient than ordinary light bulb, and its power consumption is 57percent less that that of regular bulb. The brightness of a 5W energy-saving bulb is approximately equal to that of 25W ordinary light bulb. It is obvious that this LED bulb is more efficient that ordinary light bulb.

Secondly, it is the health comparison. This energy-saving LED bulb has no mercury, no ultraviolet and no infrared spectrum, and the quantity of heat is low without stroboscopic. It also causes no radiation, and it can be recycled. The bulb is a typical green lighting source. This LED bulb is definitely beneficial for practical use, causing no harm to the protection of environment and the health of users.

Thirdly, it is the life comparison. The life of the ordinary light bulb mainly depends on the life of a tungsten wire. The faster the tungsten sublimates, the shorter the service life of this bulb is. While, the energy-saving bulb lights relying on gas and coated emitting materials on the pipe wall light, and its luminous efficiency is higher than tungsten. Therefore, the life span of the energy-saving bulb is longer than ordinary light bulb. Usually, the life expectancy of the ordinary light bulb is 2500 to 3500 hours, and the life span of the energy-saving bulb can reach up to 50000 hours. It is quite clear that this energy-saving bulb is more durable for long time use.

After comparing the energy-saving LED bulb with ordinary light bulb, you can see how practical and beneficial this LED bulb really is. It is not difficult to conclude that this LED bulb is worth possessing.

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