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Colorful Flexible usb led light lamp For Notebook PC

Recently, I find a specially designed usb led light lamp  for notebook PC, that is colorful flexible usb led light lamp. This lamp is designed to be extremely practical and convenient for use. Here is the detailed information about this lamp.

usb led light lamp
Type: USB light
Color: blue, green, pink, black, white, orange

Lampshade material: plastic
Base material: stainless steel
Light shape: spiral
Weight: 100g
Voltage: 5V
Wattage: 0.1W
Light life: up to 50000 hours

Flexible metal tube USB 7 LED energy saving light for laptop or PC
Idea for lighting the laptop in the dark
Lower power consumption soft white LED light
USB power, no battery required

usb led light lamp

No external power supply needed, just simply turning on your laptop or PC to power your USB light
Free angle twistable neck to position the fly light anywhere you wish
Used in notebook computers, desktop computers, etc.

Based on the above detailed information, it is no doubt that this colorful flexible usb led light lamp is ideal and perfect for notebook PC lighting. If you are not satisfied with the light condition when using notebook PC, you can get this lamp for yourself

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