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Choosing High Color Temperature Light For Children

Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, more and more lights come into being. Facing so many choices, many parents are troubled by what kind of light they should choose for their children. According to researches and reviews, it is said that the high color temperature light is the most suitable light for children, and parents can choose this kind of light for their kids.

LED eye-protection table lamp
LED eye-protection table lamp

Different from common understanding, the warm color light source is not good for students to read or write because of its low color temperature. 5000k and 6500k color temperature of cool color light source is more popular with the students, more suitable for reading and writing to demand higher visual task. To meet the current criteria of classroom illumination condition, compared with the low color temperature, high color temperature is more advantageous to delay the visual fatigue of primary and middle school students, and improve the efficiency of learning, which is consistent with foreign related research results. For current situation, the middle and primary schools have already adopted high color temperature lights in their classroom.

In addition, if the illuminance level is greater than 500 lx, visual task under this environment has high efficiency. With better visual perception, it is easier to for students to read and write. Therefore, experts advise that when parents set up home lighting, they should pay attention to choose high qualified high color temperature light of cool color light source as study desk lamp, instead of warm color light source. It would be beneficial and helpful for children in study and daily life.

If you are bothered by what kind of light you should choose for your children, the high color temperature light is your best choice, which will make your children feel comfortable and pleasant when using this functional and practical light.

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  1. I used to have no idea of what kind of table lamp is suitable for children, but now I know how to choose it. I like this LED eye-protection table lamp very much. Could you please tell me where I can buy it?

    1. you can find it in online stores like ebay,amazon,banggood and so on, i bought it at

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