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Choosing E27 5050 LED Bulb For Children

For children, a good bulb has great influence on their eyesight, so that when choosing bulb for children, parents should pay close attention to the quality and light effect of the bulb. E27 5050 LED bulb is highly recommended by many parents as this bulb is suitable and comfortable for children.
E27 5050 LED BulbThis bulb is a high quality product, having good light effect. The light color of the bulb is warm white and white, soft and moderate for eyes, causing no visual fatigue to people, and allowing people to study in that room more effective and efficient. The beam angle of the bulb is 360 degree, capable of lighting up the whole space of the room, and there is no shadow part in the room the bulb has been installed. The light effect of the bulb is really amazing and appealing. It is no wonder that so many people adopt this bulb in their houses.
E27 5050 LED Bulb SizeThis E27 5050 LED bulb also has the most suitable color temperature for studying. The color temperature of the bulb is 6000k to 6500k which is suitable for reading and writing to meet higher visual task. Compared with the low color temperature, to meet the current criteria of study room illumination condition, high color temperature is more advantageous to delay the visual fatigue of children, and improve the efficiency of reading and writing, which is consistent with foreign related research results. It is no doubt that this bulb is suitable and comfortable for children.
It is quite clear from the above that E27 5050 LED bulb has high quality and excellent light effect, suitable and comfortable for children. Since this bulb is highly praised and welcomed by many people, it seems to be the best choice for parents to choose this useful and practical bulb for their children.

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