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Choosing E27 10W SMD 5050 LED Corn Bulb For Your Families

According to researches and feedbacks of customers, E27 10W SMD 5050 LED corn bulb is praised as the most suitable bulb for families use. This bulb has some special and remarkable features, making it welcomed by the public.
E27 10W SMD 5050 LED Corn BulbThis bulb is energy saving and environment friendly. It has low power consumption and low heat, saving a lot of energy for you. The bulb has no mercury, UV or IR radiation, causing no harm to the environment and your health. These features of the bulb make it extremely suitable for family use. If you choose the bulb for your families, you can make full use of this bulb safely and securely.

What’ s more, this E27 10W SMD 5050 LED corn bulb has a good light effect. The light color of the bulb is warm white and white, soft and moderate for eyes, causing no visual fatigue to people. The beam angle of the bulb is 360 degree, capable of lighting up the whole space of the room, and there is no shadow part in the room the bulb is installed. It is obvious that the light effect of the bulb is really amazing and appealing. It is no wonder that so many people choose this bulb for family use.

Besides, this bulb is easy and convenient for use. Generally, if the voltage of a product is 12V to 24V, a professional LED voltage converter is needed. While, the voltage of this bulb is 110V, so that there is no need of this professional LED voltage converter, quite convenient for use.

In short, this E27 10W SMD 5050 LED corn bulb is really excellent, suitable for family use. It is definitely a good choice for you if you choose this bulb for your families, and it is believed that you will never feel regret of buying this bulb for your families.

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