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How To Choose Colors Of Double Row LED Strip Light For Your House

Double Row LED strip light is a useful and practical equipment for light box advertisement, stage light, house decorating, and so on. It is also great for holiday, disco, party, home, garden and shops decoration and so on. This strip light is multicolor, having 133 different changing patterns and changing speeds, namely 133 models, to meet different requirements of decoration. The following will guide you how to choose the colors for your house.

Double Row RGB LED Strip LightThe selection of the light colors mainly lie on the decoration style determined by customer. Generally, warm white is recommended for home decoration, which is a kind of color between the yellow and white color. This light color is light and comfortable, with moderate brightness, resulting a sweet adornment effect.

White color of the Double Row LED strip light has a relaxed and clean adornment effect. This light color has good consistency, suitable for simple decoration style. Yellow color advocates warm tone effect, but the yellow lights’ emitting efficiency is not high, having dark light, and the light color is more depressing. Thus, when applying the yellow light, it is recommended to use more number of LED lights.

Blue color light can be placed in a position like bar, creating a dreamy, pure and fresh light effect. If the whole room is decorated with this color light, it can show a noble and elegant decoration style. As for red color light, it demands to be used combined with background, and it is generally not recommended.

By now, the above has shown you how to choose the colors of Double Row LED strip light for your house clearly. You can choose the most suitable colors for your house based on the above information. It is hoped that you can make your house have the light effect that you desire for.

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