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Characteristics Of E14 6W LED Bulb

Have you heard of E14 6W LED bulb? Do you know the characteristics of the bulb? If not, the passage will tell you something about the bulb in details.

E14 6W led bulb
E14 6W led bulb

The bulb is a famous kind of light for family use which is functional and beneficial. There are three characteristics of the bulb which is remarkable and noticeable. Firstly, it is energy conserving. Research data has shown that as the LED is cold light source and semiconductor lighting itself without any pollution to the environment, compared with incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, its energy-saving efficiency can reach above 90 percent. Under the same brightness, power consumption is only one tenth of the ordinary incandescent lamp, and half of fluorescent lamp tube. It is really beneficial with high efficiency.

Secondly, E14 6W LED bulb is healthy for people. LED is a kind of green light source, driven by DC without stroboscopic. There is no ultraviolet, infrared, and radiation pollution, and it has high color rendering and strong light emitting direction. The dimming performance is good, no error occurred in visual color temperature changes. Due to its cold light source and low calorific value, it can be safely touched, which can not be fulfilled by incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp. It can provide a comfortable lighting, able to meet the demand of people’ s physical health and protect eyesight.

Thirdly, the bulb is artistic. Light color constitutes the basic elements of visual aesthetics, and it is an important means of beautifying bedroom. The current color of LED products has covered the entire visible spectrum range with good monochromaticity and high purity. LED technology makes the bulb the organic combination of scientific and artistic design for visual perception and creative performance. It is possible for people to create comfortable and beautiful lighting art effect.

In a word, E14 6W LED bulb is energy conserving, healthy and artistic. It is the most useful and beneficial light for family use in their daily life. It would be a pity if you miss the chance of getting such a excellent light.

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