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Why Having A Headlight Bulb Should No Longer Be An Option!

Having a car, and a nice car for that matter is a dream for most individuals. Therefore, it's logical that you develop of a habit of literally driving yourself everywhere you want no matter the time of the day. However, unknown to many individuals, apart from the typical car features

Choosing The Perfect Headlight Bulbs For Tesla, Lincoln and Jeep

There are a lot of differences between Tesla, Lincoln and Jeep, both as manufacturers, and more importantly, how each of their parts perform. While all are known to be high-quality, there’s still a big difference between what constitutes high-quality enough for each. And that’s especially the case with headlight bulbs.

Headlights: Illuminating Your Way Ahead

IntroductionCar headlights consist of three main technologies. The old halogen bulb method and the two high-tech high-intensity Discharge (HID) and light-emitting diode (LED) headlights. Undoubtedly, the new technologies emit brighter and whiter light than the halogen bulb. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety concludes HIDs and LEDs produce better illumination than