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What You Should Know about Headlight Bulbs

Massachusetts became the first state to require electric headlamps to be compulsory on all motor vehicles since the law was seen to make some sense, some more states followed the same footsteps by 1920s. You will often find them attached to the front of the vehicle. No, wait!, there is this term headlamp, for the formal conversations, the headlamp is the device itself, I mean the device that produces the light in a vehicle and now what is headlight? this is a beam of light that is produced by the lamps but this shouldn’t worry you, you can just use the word headlight to mean headlamp no big deal.
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During the 1880s, the first headlight bulbs were introduced, they were using acetylene and oil hence the name “Carbide (Acetylene) ‘Headlight’ ” here, acetylene gas was produced then burned to come up with light. The night-driving necessity invention did not stop there, the evolution was on.
From the “Carbide (Acetylene) ‘Headlight’ ” to Electric Headlight bulbs this was in the 1890s on the Colombian electric car. The invention had a lot of challenges. Since the headlight bulbs were to be mounted in front of the vehicle, it was very hard for the headlight lamps to survive the adverse environment such as heavy rains and much more. Another drawback was coming up with the smallest dynamos which could produce the brightest light(more power).
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In 1912 a more advanced electric Headlight bub was unveiled by Cadillac. This was risk-free since it could stand a heavy downpour. The same Cadillac again boosted the growing of Headlight Bulbs by introducing the first interior mount control system, where drivers were able to switch on and off the external Headlight bulbs from inside the car contrary to the to other types of electric headlights where the driver had to stop and flip the light. In the 1960s, the Headlights Evolved from sealed Beam to Halogen bulbs which use a compact envelope surrounding a tungsten filament. We now have the LED(Light Emitting Diodes) Headlight Bulbs.
Headlight bulbs are more important for drivers and other road users too. Apart from illuminating the way for a driver, they also make the vehicle visible to other road users. A pedestrian would not be able to see oncoming vehicles at night if there were no headlights, they are also significant when a driver is driving during some adverse weather conditions where there are less visibility i.e heavy rains and when the mist is suspended in the atmosphere.
You can switch from low to high beam depending on the situation on the road. Switching to high beam is not allowed when there is oncoming traffic, Pedestrians or traffic police ahead it is only allowed when the road is clear and the driver needs to see some distance away. Headlights should be checked before taking a ride since it’s one of the most significant parts of a vehicle.
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