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Camping lights for the millennial generation, the year 2018


Camping as a leisure and recreation activity has risen in popularity especially among the millennial generation. There is no doubt that it’s a great source of fun and experience with nature.


It has risen in preference as it provides ample opportunity for communing with friends, relatives, and workmates. More also, camping is an affordable and convenient way of enjoying a vacation. The equipment required for a successful camping is also readily available. However, numerous campers often forget the importance of lighting. This can be very risky as lighting is an effective way of keeping wild animals away. Wondering in the dark in wild parks without light can be tantamount to exposing oneself to an uncertain experience.

waterproof camping lantern

The regularly used sources of lights are flashlights and lantern. Some of you might even take a laser pointer as the laser pointer can light up a match so that to light a fire and it can also be used to point the direction in the dark. Lanterns are often used because they are cheap and easy to use. There are three types of popular lanterns namely, waterproof camping lantern, magnet light and gas waterproof lantern. When choosing the type of lantern, quality of light, sources of fuel, environmental factors such as noise and smoke pollution as well as portability.

waterproof camping lantern

  • Waterproof camping lanterns

The tent lanterns are basically made of military grade plastic materials or metal, for enhancing water resistance. There are several types of waterproof camping lantern, but basically, they are to be differentiated by the source of lighting and make of material. Some of the highest rated waterproof lanterns are ZZD Portable LED, BW waterproof camping lantern and Semme led lighting camping light. The waterproof camping lantern, which uses fuels such as gas seems to have decreased in use despite the decrease in cost of gas. The led lights lanterns have a comprehensive and rechargeable battery system.

waterproof camping lantern

  • Magnetic camping lanterns

One of the most popular magnetic lanterns is the Gshine magnetic light and the BW magnetic light. The lantern has a magnetic base, and 4 batteries to elongate the lighting life. The material is also military grade with the casing embedded with silver and hard plastic. The illumination is also bright and the led lights offer a 360 degree light reach.

waterproof camping lantern

  • Fuel lights

Fuels camping lanterns use either gas or paraffin. The traditional paraffin model has been continuously decreasing in popularity. The gas-fueled lantern is however still common because the cost of gas has decreased in modern days. Some of the most popular gas fueled lanterns are the various Coleman models. The FENIX CL25R rechargeable waterproof lantern seems a perfect choice.


The benefits of using magnetic light and waterproof lantern are that they are portable, and can withstand the razing weather of outdoor camping. Waterproof lanterns are especially the most reliable when it comes to camping activities involving fishing, game hunts, and deepwater activities. When considering camping, thus consider some of those cheap but quality models for a more satisfying camping experience.

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