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BlitzWolf®BW-CML1 : The Latest Lights for Computer Monitor

Bliztwolf launched the latest light bar for computer monitor- BlitzWolf®BW-CML1 on May 15th. This light bar is set for its debut and begins to sell in the world on Banggood on May 24th. Officially priced at $64.99, it will offer a big discount for you to buy it at only $23.99.  However, what can you get from the BlitzWolf Light Bar. Let me show them for you in details.

BlitzWolf®BW-CML1 LED Light Bar

Glare-Free Lighting

BlitzWolf Light Bar is built with a suspension design that ensures light comes from the front and center, providing enough light for your desk and keyboard while avoiding reflections on the screen of the computer. The monitor lamp emits a soft and medium-light without flickering, which helps to relieve eye fatigue caused by long-term computer viewing, thus protecting the health of the eyes. The ideal choice for students, painters, designers, and office workers.

Long Life and Technical Support

BlitzWolf Light Bar, Our home office desk lamps have passed 10,000 tests to ensure their safety. Its useful life is up to 40,000 hours. Perfect light as an office desk lamp and home desk lamp. If you have any questions about Quinta’s computer monitor lamp, simply let us know or collect a question and answer for friendly customer service.

Free up desk space

A space-saving design makes the Lofter computer monitor light stand on top of the monitor stably, free up plenty of desk space, ideal for your limited workspace in the office or home.

The advantages of the products

  • Adjustable Color Temperature- Brightness to provide focus and comfort. Warm light to relax cool light for work efficiency
  • 500-1000lux, Adjustable- Automatic dimming via an integrated ambient light sensor display bar adjusts the brightness level throughout the day for an eye-healthy workspace. It can also be adjusted manually with the touch control
  • Simple Installation – all you need to do is hang the light on top of your monitor screen. This light is perfect for monitors with 1-3 thicknesses.
  • USB Power Supply-USB Powered and Memory Function: Simply insert the USB plug into the computer, power bank, power adapter, or other USB devices to power the office lamp. It can remember the last brightness and lighting mode used no need to reset them again next time.
  • Asymmetric forward projection design- No screen reflections. Its asymmetric optical design only illuminates the desk and eliminates the reflective screen glare found in most regular desk lamps.

BlitzWolf®BW-CML1 LED Light Bar for Computer Monitor is an amazing light with Adjustable Color Temperature, 500-1000lux, Simple Installation, USB Power Supply among other features that are mentioned above. Remember, it makes its debut on Banggood on May 24th, where the first 200 pieces will retail at $23.99; from piece number 201 to 500 will retail at $25.99; and piece number 501 to 700 will retail at $27.99. You can’t find such prices anywhere else, so, make sure to grab one on banggood today.

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