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Best E27 Sound Control Light Lamp For Your Home

Are you searching for high quality lamp for your sweet home? If yes, here is a suggestion for you, that is E27 sound control light lamp, which is said to be best and perfect for home lighting. This lamp gains orders as soon as it is released. To know what this popular lamp is really like and what it is capable of clearly, you can read the following.

E27 Sound Control Light Lamp

This lamp is a smart LED globe bulb, and its connector is E27. This light is 100mm in height and 60mm in diameter. Made of PS shade, this lamp is durable for use.

E27 Sound Control Light Lamp-1

This durable E27 sound control light lamp is a 5W light. Its light source is 16pcs SMD 2835 LED. The light color is white, and the color temperature is 3500 to 6000K. The beam angle of this light is 360 degree. It is obvious that this lamp has excellent and great lighting performance.

E27 Sound Control Light Lamp-2

With E27 lamp design, there is no need to replace the wires, and it can be used directly screwed on. This lamp is an auto-sensing sound control light, extremely easy to use. It can light on automatically when sound is detected in the dark, and turn off after a period of time.

E27 Sound Control Light Lamp-3

This sound control light lamp has integrated design, stylish appearance, high energy efficiency and long life span, ideal and perfect for the bedroom, closet, cabinet, corridor, workshop, basement, garage, stairwell, oil depots, roof, door and other places.

In a word, this E27 sound control light lamp is the best for home lighting. If you get it for your sweet home, you can surely enjoy the excellent lighting performance and the great convenience this lamp can bring to you.

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