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Benefits Of Using E14 LED Bulb 5W

Are you busy with selecting a bulb for you house? Are you troubled by what kind of bulb is suitable for family use? Do you want to find a practical and beneficial bulb for your home? Here is a suggestion for you, and you can buy yourself the E14 LED bulb 5W, which is the most practical and beneficial bulb for your family, capable of bringing a lot of benefits and convenience to you.

e14 led bulb 5w
e14 led Spot Light bulb 5w

This bulb is a LED bulb, obtaining high energy efficiency. According to statistic, it has 60 percent more energy efficient than CFL bulb, and 90 percent more energy efficient compared with incandescent bulb. It can not only save energy for family, but also cost less expenditure on electric bill. It is a practical and beneficial bulb for each family.

E14 LED bulb 5W can produce harmless light. The LED bulb is a kind of green light source, driven by DC without stroboscopic. There is no ultraviolet, infrared, and radiation pollution, and it cause no harm to the environment and the health of people. If you apply it in your house, you can enjoy the excellent performance of the bulb comfortably and securely.

The light color of the bulb is warm white, which can provide you soft and comfortable light. It does no harm to your eyes, even baby’ s eyes. Its great light effect makes it widely used at home. You can enjoy a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere with this warm light. Besides, the voltage of the bulb is 85V to 265V, and there is no need of a professional LED voltages converter.

In a word, the E14 LED bulb 5W is the most practical and beneficial bulb for family use. If you are searching for a bulb for your house, this bulb is your best choice. You can enjoy the above benefits if you have owned the bulb.

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