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Beautiful Light-controlled Potted Night Light For Great Lighting

Light-controlled potted night light is a beautiful and practical night light for you to have, which is in the shape of flower pot, but functioning well as a night light. Many people have been attracted by this beautiful and practical night light. Now, let’ s see more details about this night light together in the following.

This lovely potted night light is a home decoration gift, made of high quality ABS body. The plant in the pot is made of pure PU material, very soft and safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Applying 7 colors LED, this night light has high-performance, quite energy-saving with low power consumption. The voltage of this night light is 220V, easy and convenient for use.
Light-controlled potted night light
This light-controlled potted night light features intelligent light sensing control. It can automatically turn on when in darkness, and automatically shut down during the day. It can also adjust the brightness according to the ambient light around. It is quite clear that this night light is advanced and smart, easy and simple for practical use.
Light-controlled potted night light
This night light is perfect and ideal for bedroom, living room, corridor, hotel, bar, home decoration, and so on, capable of bringing great benefits and convenience to yourself or your families. With a light controlled induction lamp company, the baby is no longer afraid of the dark night. You can get it for the room of your children since it is so useful and helpful.
Light-controlled potted night light
In a word, this beautiful light-controlled potted night light is really great and excellent for lighting. Its designs, features and wide uses prove it to be extremely useful and practical. It is no wonder that so many people are attracted by this night light. If you need a night light, no matter it is for yourself or your families, this night light is a good option for you.

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