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B22 13W LED Bulb Attracts My Attention

When I hang out in the market, I am attracted by a special bulb called B22 13W LED bulb. When lighted, this bulb looks like the combination of diamonds. I like the bulb very much, and it has attracted all my attention.
B22 13W LED Bulb
This bulb attracts my attention not only because of its designs, but also because of its benefits it can bring to me. The bulb is a kind of corn bulb, looking like a corn. The light source of the bulb is LED, producing bright light for illumination. The beam angle of the bulb is 360 degree, capable of lighting the whole space of the room. The light color of the bulb is pure white. It is easy to see that the bulb has excellent light effect, and I am fond of the light of the bulb which is just like a corn formed by diamonds, extremely bright and beautiful.

As the bulb is a kind of LED light, B22 LED bulb is energy-saving and environment-protecting. The bulb has high energy efficiency with low power consumption, able to save a lot of energy for me. At the same time, it can also save money for me as it costs little on the electricity bill. As the bulb has no mercury, producing no harmful materials, the bulb can function well without causing any harm to my health. Using this bulb is also a small and useful action towards environment protection. Thus, I’ d like to use the bulb in my house.

Thanks to the special designs of the bulb, as well as the great benefits the bulb can bring to me, I am addicted to this B22 13W LED bulb deeply and completely. I believe that the bulb deserves my attention, and it can function well for me.

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