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ARILUX AL-PL01, Concise-designed Pendant Lamp

The abundance of lighting designs does not limit the imagination when decorating classic and contemporary spaces. Selection of suspended and ceiling products contributes to supplement for laconic large and small rooms. Until recently, the common source of light in the apartment was chandelier, located in the center of the ceiling. Later, there were elegant sconces. But the requirements for the design and selection of lighting steadily increased. To date, taken to the room it was at least two (the more, the better) light source. There are different types of lamps: floor, ceiling and wall. These use a variety of materials, including metal, wood and glass.


Today, I’d like to introduce a kind of pendant ceiling lamp, ARILUX AL-PL01, which suitable for the restaurant, dining room, living room and kitchen. I have to firstly say that it has a particular charm and freshness of execution. This lamp is characterized by compact size and concise design.


The lever on top of the light easily allows users to customize the beam angle to their preference. The lamp is fully compatible with all E26/E27 LED bulbs. The ARILUX AL-PL01 pendant light has obtained CE, ROHS and FCC safety certification and comes fully assembled and ready to install. As the picture above showed, the lamp shade is white, modern and laconic. It helps to create perfect atmosphere for your room. And the unique petal design gives a comfortable feel. This lamp can be the perfect finishing touch for any house.


ARILUX AL-PL01 can be pre-ordered at the price of $46.89 at To get the true potential of this lamp, I recommend pairing it with one of the Bluetooth Bulbs, and then you can not only customize the beam angle but also the color and brightness of the light.



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